Wednesday, July 4, 2012

BUILD (project 2)

This work will provide you with different techniques for building in sculpture.   Crumple newspaper, using masking tape to piece the balls of newspaper together.  Think about other lightweight materials such as balloons, ping pong balls or foam that you could help you create your form.  This structure will serve as your base, think of this as the core of your form.  The plaster will be layered on top of this.  There will be two parts to this piece, the armature and the shell that surrounds it.  Problem solve to figure out what structure will work best to support your form.  I would also like you to think about concept; the form that you choose to create should have some sort of meaning. 

-You can always ADD to plaster, you can’t reduce anymore than the original form/structure you created. 
-What do you want to convey with the work?  How do you want your audience to react or feel?
-Look to nature for inspiring forms, mushrooms, coral reefs, sea slugs and fungus may be a fun place to start. Visit National Geographic’s website, animals pages are the best.
-Is your work a statue?  How does it relate to the wall, floor or ceiling?


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