Monday, July 30, 2012


ASSEMBLAGE/SELF-PORTRAIT (80 points) materials: objects of your choice, hot glue
Every object has a purpose or meaning.  When we decide to use objects to make art, we are really referencing their previous life.  When viewers look at the work, the objects act as puzzle pieces to create a bigger idea.  Choose objects that have some sort of value or meaning to you. Think of the objects that you use as a collection, there may be an overarching theme or idea.  When making this work the objects you chose must be found objects. Here is the definition taken from Wikipedia:

“A found object, in an artistic sense, indicates the use of an object which has not been designed for an artistic purpose, but which exists for another purpose already. Found objects may exist either as utilitarian, manufactured items, or things which occur in nature. In both cases the objects are discovered by the artist or musician to be capable of being employed in an artistic way, and are designated as "found" to distinguish them from purposely created items used in the art forms.”

-Think of an idea/concept, use this to direct what types of objects you collect.  For example, if you would like to make work about being a housewife, you may collect kitchen utensils, curtains or a rocking chair. 
-Some artists like to make art about the everyday, they collect materials based on what they find, what sparks their interest.  Instead of directing their choices with an idea, they let them objects find them.
-You can also collect objects based on color, texture or pattern.  These works will be more about aesthetics and beauty, rather than the meaning of each object. Instead it will be about the final piece, how the objects look together and how these everyday objects can be transformed into something more.
-Think about how you can paint and treat the objects that you find.

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