Sunday, January 6, 2013

Wood Project Prompt


-Identify and investigate your concept or reason for making this work.
-Identify how the material wood relates to this concept or idea.
-Identify the techniques that you will employ
-Think about what can be added, whether that is something traditional like a stain or more contemporary like fur or glitter for a finishing touch
-Come to class Wednesday with model and sketches

There are four different ways to approach this wood project.

1.     For a solid wood form. Glue pieces of 2x4 together to create a solid wood block.  Carve down using the band saw and hand tools to create overall form, detail with sandpaper and Dremel. Ex: Ben Butler
2.     Work in strips of wood that can be glued together or configured with joints or screws, think about fencing. These strips or pieces of wood may be so thin that they can bend, best for curvilinear forms.  Ex: Edward Mayer, Matthias Pleissnig, Uhmair Khan
3.     Collage pieces of scrap wood together, with a plan or without. Think about these like building blocks. Ex: Phoebe Washburn, Louise Nevelson, Lauren Clay
4.     Think about your form in horizontal slices or pieces of plywood that connect to each other through a simple slot joint. Ex: skeleton wood puzzles, Donald Judd, Lauren Clay

Check out these artists for inspiration:

Ben Butler
Edward Mayer
Matthias Pleissnig
Uhmair Khan
Phoebe Washburn
Louise Nevelson
Lauren Clay
Donald Judd

                                                                                    DUE JANUARY 30th

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