Monday, October 22, 2012


MULTIPLES (80 points) materials: 100+ any object of your choice
For this project you are required to use over 100 of the same object to assemble your sculpture.  These 100+ objects must be the main component of the work.  After looking  at the artists from the power point, try to pinpoint which objects you are most interested in and why.  Think about different ways these objects can connect together, what types of patterns you may be able to create.  Also, think about the meaning of the objects that you have chosen and how this may be used to inform you about the form that these objects will take. You are allowed to use anything else, wire, hot glue, decorations etc. of your choice just as long as you have 100+ of one object. 

-If you're having trouble figuring out what form you want, start connecting your objects one by one without any distinct plan.  Play with how the form begins to build and how each piece is connected with the other.  Are you stringing your objects together with fishing line or wire or are you gluing them together? Maybe they aren't connected at all but piled inside of a container.
-Look at your objects in a pile, in a line, in a flat plain or as polka dots or a checkerboard.
-Do your objects belong on the wall, between the walls, hanging from the ceiling or growing from the floor?
-Do you want to make one sculpture, where all the objects are contained in one form or do you want to create an atmosphere, with each object hanging individually?

Artists of Interest: (check the posts that are labeled multiples)
Jean Shin
YaYa Chou
Daniele Papuli
Willie Cole
Andy Goldsworthy
Flortentijn Hofman
Tara Donovan
Do Ho Suh

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